Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hi, I finally ironed out all the things that were delaying me from having a regular blog so expect me to update my blog at least once a week from now on. Since I last posted a lot has happened one of the main things being the election congratulations to President-elect Obama and all those involved in his campaign. I hope you make a great president. Also congratulations to Senator McCain and his campaign for making it so far and for bringing up some valid issues our country needs to resolve. 

I feel today I need to speak about the Governor of Illinois and his actions. As many of you know the governor of Illinois (Rod Blagojevich) was discovered to have attempted to SELL the senate seat occupied by President-elect Obama to the highest bidder. The seat is going to be vacated by President-elect Obama when he heads to the white house. First off let me clarify, I am not accusing or blaming anyone in this situation besides the governor. There are many varying stories out there as to who was bidding on the seats and if any other political figure was involved. Governor Blagojevich's actions were Stupid, boneheaded, and downright unpatriotic. The act of putting a United States Senate seat up in an ebay like system is no short of evil. It demonstrates the very thing our Founding Fathers fought to ensure what would not happen. I believe he should resign or be impeached from his post. For someone to be able to commit a crime like this on such a major scale makes you wonder if he had ever done this before with different state legislature, or if his different appointments were the ones who paid the most. 

On the other hand we need to remember something, Rod Blagojevich is human. HE and all other humans will make mistakes. Some people will make bigger blunders than others but we all mess up. Ever since sin came into the world this is something we have had to deal with in society. Greed affects a lot of our lives, and we may not even realize it. We may subconsciously choose to associate ourselves with people because of their wealth and status and our own greed or popularity. Honestly this situation, however horrible it may be, has reminds us how blessed we are to have a democracy. We are outraged (and have a right to be) that the governor of a state we may not even live in is abusing his power in this fashion. Imagine if the leader of our country was like that. That can be what happens in a dictatorship when an entire nation is up to the sole discretion of ONE individual. It reminds us how blessed we are. Again I am not saying that we should condone Mr. Blagojevich's actions, but just remember that things can be worse for others and we may not even think about it. 

Feel free to comment on my blog, and visit my website I am 13 years old and have authored 2 books (the essential book of Presidential trivia, and First Kids: True Stories of All the President's children). If you are interested in having me visit your school or event or make a media appearance please contact my publicist off my website. Thank you and have a great day!!! 



Patrick said...

I agree with many things you say, and I am glad I have finally learned of somebody about my age that is interested in history and politics as much as I am.

Alex said...

Check my comment on your 2nd newest blog

Lyndon said...
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Potus2036 said...

I am running against you in 2036. I am a pro-life,pro-troops, and conservative person. I am prepared to lead us through good and bad times.
KEATON 2036!

POTUS said...

You said that "I am not accusing or blaming anyone in this situation besides the governor." and "to commit a crime like this on such a major scale makes you wonder if he had ever done this before with different state legislature." I would hope that since you say you are going to run for president you somewhat know how this judicial system works. Only allegations have been made against Governor Blagojevich. He has not been found guilty of anything. He is innocent until proven guilty. I agree with you 100% that these allegations are horrendous but they are only allegations.
Thank you.

Potus2036 said...

I agree, you are currrently unready for the job due to lack of government knowledge. These charges were not proven when you wrote this. You are also not active. Have you given up?

Ryan said...

Dear Public,

I am running for president in 2032 on the republican ticket.

I would like to wish Noah luck, and I hope he will change humanity, just like I will attempt.

President Kyle said...
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James Thomas for President 2032! said...

Hi Noah my name is James Thomas and i love politics. I am going to be running againsty you for president on the Democratic ticket in 2032! I am 15 and i have dedicated my life to helping others. I would like us to talk more about politics my e-mail address is Thanks so much!!!


POTUS said...

Okay, lets all face the facts. It is unlikely that any of us will ever become president. It is unlikely that Noah will become president, I will become president or any of you will become president. I have never said that I will become president OR that I will even run. Would i like to? Why not. I am not telling any of us to quite dreaming big, but why are we saying "Oh, I'm gonna beat you." For those of you who are reading this and saying "What is he talking about, I am going to be president," keep dreaming, but don't think that you are better than anyone else. As well as don't let any media attention you might have or any children's books you may have written make you think you are better than anyone else.

Allie:) said...

hey Noah!!!!! i like totally know u! isnt that awesome?! we like text like all the time, and its like sweet!! hahahahaha!! i like totally don't understand politics at all :( hahhahahaha!!!!!!! so wat up????? well, c u @ school monday!!!!
ur buddie,
Allie :D hahahahaha
p.s do u even read these?

Allie:) said...

Vote for Noah 2032!!!!!!!

Karla said...

Noah...FYI...there is not a place on your website to contact you.
Have you considered joining Facebook to spread your message? Also, I met you and your mom in Little Rock yesterday and would love to be able to stay in contact with you guys.
England, AR

Anonymous said...

Look, kid, you're gonna lose. You wrote two books about the Presidents' and their kids and you think you have the know-how to be the President of the United States of America?
I want to see a debate between you and Zach Larkin. I don't agree with most of his views (I'm ultra-Conservative and he's a Liberal), I hope he crushes you.
Check out, the blog that Zach and I own, and fight for the Presidency.

Amen, and God bless America,
Drew Underwood --

Patrick Keith Hart said...

Hello - I am Patrick, from the Jan. 9th, 2009 comment... I will be running in 2032 on the Democratic ticket, but I'm a Classical Liberal... currently I am taking strides to do that... I am 15 years of age.. It may be good for us to communicate and get an idea for the future.. I have no doubt that we will end up working together, at least in Washington.. <-- Contact me.