Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hi, I finally ironed out all the things that were delaying me from having a regular blog so expect me to update my blog at least once a week from now on. Since I last posted a lot has happened one of the main things being the election congratulations to President-elect Obama and all those involved in his campaign. I hope you make a great president. Also congratulations to Senator McCain and his campaign for making it so far and for bringing up some valid issues our country needs to resolve. 

I feel today I need to speak about the Governor of Illinois and his actions. As many of you know the governor of Illinois (Rod Blagojevich) was discovered to have attempted to SELL the senate seat occupied by President-elect Obama to the highest bidder. The seat is going to be vacated by President-elect Obama when he heads to the white house. First off let me clarify, I am not accusing or blaming anyone in this situation besides the governor. There are many varying stories out there as to who was bidding on the seats and if any other political figure was involved. Governor Blagojevich's actions were Stupid, boneheaded, and downright unpatriotic. The act of putting a United States Senate seat up in an ebay like system is no short of evil. It demonstrates the very thing our Founding Fathers fought to ensure what would not happen. I believe he should resign or be impeached from his post. For someone to be able to commit a crime like this on such a major scale makes you wonder if he had ever done this before with different state legislature, or if his different appointments were the ones who paid the most. 

On the other hand we need to remember something, Rod Blagojevich is human. HE and all other humans will make mistakes. Some people will make bigger blunders than others but we all mess up. Ever since sin came into the world this is something we have had to deal with in society. Greed affects a lot of our lives, and we may not even realize it. We may subconsciously choose to associate ourselves with people because of their wealth and status and our own greed or popularity. Honestly this situation, however horrible it may be, has reminds us how blessed we are to have a democracy. We are outraged (and have a right to be) that the governor of a state we may not even live in is abusing his power in this fashion. Imagine if the leader of our country was like that. That can be what happens in a dictatorship when an entire nation is up to the sole discretion of ONE individual. It reminds us how blessed we are. Again I am not saying that we should condone Mr. Blagojevich's actions, but just remember that things can be worse for others and we may not even think about it. 

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Friday, September 26, 2008

First off, I would like to apologize in the LONG delay of my posts. This was because of some technical difficulties. 

Anyway, First off I would like to let you know my opinions on the two Vice Presidential Candidates of Senator McCain and Senator Obama. For Senator Obama, Joe Biden is a very nice choice. He is a safe pick with lots of experience and is familiar with the way Washington works. That however is what some people view as his downfall. They believe he is a Washington insider, the very thing that Obama was so against. Although, this might be helpful for Senator Biden to have these connections as Obama's right hand man, For John McCain, Sarah Palin was a very unexpected pick. However, She brings a youthful energy to the Republicans that Senator Obama brings to the Democrats. Some people point to her youth and inexperience as her ultimate downfall. However, I would like to point out that Governor Palin, not only has approximately the same political experience as Barack Obama, Also her experience comes in the Executive Branch. This is somewhat underestimated, because executive experience is very very important in the jobs of the President and the Vice President. 

Now for the presidential debates! Before viewing the first debate, I personally decided that I would view the debates from a bipartisan viewpoint. After watching the debates I thought that Barack Obama is a very intelligent person. I mean he was a Harvard Graduate! However, I felt that McCain showed that he is also intelligent and has more true experience and seems like he is not in need of on the job training as President. I am looking forward to more debates and am eager to view not only the presidential debates, but the Vice Presidential debates as well. All in all from this debate I felt like John McCain would be the better president. 

Media Notice: I will be appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on October 8th! This is on NBC for those who are not familiar with the program. Also while in New York, I am going to appear in other media. So, keep on the look out for me! 

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God Bless America, 
Noah McCullough

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics, John Adams, and other cool stuff

Hey, its Noah. You know this past week has been pretty busy for me with the Today Show, Fox and Friends, and a radio tour for my second book: First Kids: The True Stories Of All The Presidents' Children.  I have had a lot of fun and I hope you guys enjoyed watching me. If you haven't seen the Today Show interview the link to it online is in one of my previous posts. 
You know leading up to the olympics there was a lot of talk (as I am sure you all know) about China's human rights record and rightfully so. There also was a lot of talk about who would confront China about this and I am very pleased that President Bush made a stand for freedom. You  know of all the people who made a stand for Tibet and Darfur, President Bush possibly had the most to lose. I mean what if China had declared a stand-off with the US because President Bush recognized China for the lack of value they place on human life. It thankfully didn't turn out that way.  President Bush definitely made the right call though. 
You know speaking of human rights I want you to imagine living somewhere like China where you have no clue what is going on in the world unless the government allows you to. Or even worse a place where you couldn't express your feelings about the government. That method was actually used in the United States for a short time! In 1798 the Alien and Sedition Acts were signed into law by President John Adams. The fourth bill of these acts was The Sedition Act which made it a crime to publish "false, scandalous, and malicious writing" against the government or its officials. Imagine the US today if we could not attack our politicians, the evening news anchors would be out of jobs! This bill did not last long and was repealed by Thomas Jefferson in 1802. 
I am paying close attention to the 2008 election and feel free to share your thoughts as well. We live in a great country! 
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome to my BLOG!

FIRST KIDS:  The True Stories Of All The Presidents Children (Scholastic 2008) has just come ME!  Hope all of you will get a is a cool book.

I will try to update this blog weekly listing my thoughts about life, the election of a new president and any new information about media appearances and other stuff.

Right now:  Watch THE TODAY SHOW, August 6th and FOX & FRIENDS August 7th!

Enjoy the rest of summer...

Noah - Future President 2032