Friday, September 26, 2008

First off, I would like to apologize in the LONG delay of my posts. This was because of some technical difficulties. 

Anyway, First off I would like to let you know my opinions on the two Vice Presidential Candidates of Senator McCain and Senator Obama. For Senator Obama, Joe Biden is a very nice choice. He is a safe pick with lots of experience and is familiar with the way Washington works. That however is what some people view as his downfall. They believe he is a Washington insider, the very thing that Obama was so against. Although, this might be helpful for Senator Biden to have these connections as Obama's right hand man, For John McCain, Sarah Palin was a very unexpected pick. However, She brings a youthful energy to the Republicans that Senator Obama brings to the Democrats. Some people point to her youth and inexperience as her ultimate downfall. However, I would like to point out that Governor Palin, not only has approximately the same political experience as Barack Obama, Also her experience comes in the Executive Branch. This is somewhat underestimated, because executive experience is very very important in the jobs of the President and the Vice President. 

Now for the presidential debates! Before viewing the first debate, I personally decided that I would view the debates from a bipartisan viewpoint. After watching the debates I thought that Barack Obama is a very intelligent person. I mean he was a Harvard Graduate! However, I felt that McCain showed that he is also intelligent and has more true experience and seems like he is not in need of on the job training as President. I am looking forward to more debates and am eager to view not only the presidential debates, but the Vice Presidential debates as well. All in all from this debate I felt like John McCain would be the better president. 

Media Notice: I will be appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on October 8th! This is on NBC for those who are not familiar with the program. Also while in New York, I am going to appear in other media. So, keep on the look out for me! 

For an update on media appearance updates and a political quiz, go to:    

God Bless America, 
Noah McCullough


Ted Snow said...

Hey man, I saw you on the late night show with conan. I think what you are doing is awesome. I cant wait until 2032!!!!! Your fellow republican.

Ted Snow
Tuscaloosa, AL

MTR said...

Nice job on Conan!

Came over here to check out your site.

Good stuff.

Keep right!

Pam said...

I saw you on Conan tonight, and I just wanted to say that you really restored my faith in humanity. It's good to know our generation has some intelligence.

I'm looking forward to 2032, I really am.

Pam Gabriel

Anonymous said...

Hey Noah, I just saw you on Conan. I had heard of you but was never able to really learn too much about you. I love the fact that someone your age is this into what is actually going on in the world. You give me hope that our future generations can take care of our country. I may be a democrat but when 2032 comes around I'm sure you will have my vote. I'll be keeping an eye on you. Good luck in everything you do!

Bj said...

Noah, I want you to know that I just saw you tonight on the late show and was very impressed with your dreams and asperations for today and the future.
I wish you luck in your endevors and will be looking forward to seeing you in the 2032 Election!
Keep up what you are doing! I can already see you WILL make a difference!

Anonymous said...

hey noah! I saw you on Conan as well. I loved everything about you. You were just awesome. I read your recent post, and i agree with you 110%.
you are a very intelligent boy and we can all tell that that will take you far in life. and i wish you the best. in 2032 i will be voting for you Noah!!! :) can't wait! God Bless you!

Kansas City, MO

Aaron said...

Dear sir,

Your immature political views are both hysterical and depressingly indicative of the viewpoint of unquestioningly patriotic Americans who refuse to believe that America can be anything other than a beneficent force in the world. Please educate yourself in a serious manner that does not involve the memorization of pointless trivia which bears no importance on relevant political issues. This will lead you to understand that America's presidents and America itself are capable of great injustices that require serious consideration, not blind hero worship. Also, your desire to become President in 2032 due entirely to personal ambition and not any desire to be a real, positive force in the world is both disgustingly ignorant and baldly conceited.

Tim said...

Noah, another Conan fan here. I really enjoyed your segment and am mostly curious about how you would fix the economy. You mentioned it, but Conezy kinda steamrolled past your statement.

Anonymous said...

Hey Noah! Perfect time to point out one of life's great lessons. I noticed "Lawl's" lovely comments and thought I'd clue you in to his madness.
First of all, he's illiterate. reference - "You are what exactly what is wrong with the US. "
He's probably angry with you because he's like 35 and still doesn't have the mental capacity to retain the necessary, critical information required to make a wise decision in the voting booth.
I'm tellin ya Lawl! A little punctuation goes a long way!!!!

Unfortunately Noah, some people lack so much self-esteem that they have to spend their time on insulting 8th graders. Another point, Lawl obviously didn't make it to 8th grade, or else he'd know 13 year old's do not typically attend "high school".

Lawl, buddy! You're a waste of life. Find something better to do than to pick on the younger, more famous, more intelligent, more eloquent, more articulate, and promising youth that will no doubt, one day, control your life.

Noah, take this as a promise. No matter how much good you plan or speak of, there will always be ignoramus's like Lawl to try and drag you down. But keep your chin as high as your hopes and deal these men their due pity. Promise yourself to always serve and love them, and you will always have stronger men pulling you back up! This evening, I saw one of the great men of American history hiding behind the eyes of a 13 year old who is in love with an ideal. Never let it go!!

Your fellow servant of humanity,
Taylor Lund

P.S. I would love to do anything I can to aid your efforts, be it speech writing, counseling, teaching, etc. you name it!
Peace and love friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw you on Conan!
It's so amazing that your my age yet you have such a passion for politics. I'll be looking out for you especially when you run for presidency. It would be really great if you could speak at my school!

Lilly said...

Hi Noah. You are an impressive kid. You seem to be very successful, and at a very young age, too. But now you are going to have some competition from me and my friend. We also hope to better the country by becoming president. We'd appreciate contact with you. You can email us at We appreciate you reading our comments. I hope to meet you sometime in the future, along with my friend. Have fun running!

Lilly said...
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ryanabshagen said...

Noah, This is Ryan Abshagen, the first person to announce their candidacy for President of the United States for 2032. May I say, I have read your books, and they are exceptional. However, you cannot run for public office without some sort of platform. What is your platform?

Thank You.

Ryan Abshagen

Mr. Harris said...

You're a very impressive young man. I aplaud your interest in politics. Perhaps you can post you thoughts on the recent turns this campaign has taken as we round the corner for the finish line. What is your opinion of the Republian ticket now? What do you think will happen to the Grand Old Party after they lose so many of these elections to the Democrats? Does Ms. Palin have a future in entertainment? Your fans what to know!

Joanna said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope as soon as you go to college and learn about the world from someone other than your parents you will see the light and come around to the Democratic party. If not, I look forward to running against you in 2032.

Also, do you really think we're going to elect a 39 year-old president? You should set your sights on 2044 or beyond.

Sebastian Ivory said...

Democrats rule

I.D. said...

u use god waayy too much dude.

Obama 08

Faggotry said...
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.-∙° Nick °∙-. said...
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Dark Angel...! said...
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Ryan said...

Dear Sir,
I will be you competetor in the 2032 election on the republican ticket. My web site is
I appriciate your enthusiasm. I also believe your beliefs need some modification. America doesn't really care about an ignorant fool who can memorize facts about presidents. I also am that kind of kid who dreams big, like America should be. The issue I will concentrate on most is NAFTA. Incase you are not educated on this subject, NAFTA is a trade agreement signed by Mexico,the United States, and Canada.

I am very furious that when I called your manager, she said you wouldn't want to debate me. Are you afraid? You are going to have to debate sometime. People will look at you like a wimp. The president has to be strong and have courage. If that is not you, forget running. If you would like to alter that statement by your manager, I would be happy to debate you. If not, apparently you aren't the strong, couragous man we need in office. It is your turn to think. My email is

vio789 said...

Hey Noah your site rocks

President Kyle said...
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Alex said...

Dear Noah,
I completely disagree with everything you have said, you need to get the facts Noah. Palin has way less experience than Obama, Palin was a mayor from Wusilla and then she became the governor for twenty months what experience is that? Did you see the Daily Show with John Stewart where they interview the actual Wusilla Mayor, all she said was that she signed checks on Monday and they had a staff meeting on Thursdays. As governor Miss Palin is already for her "bridge to nowhere" among others. President Obama has way more experience than Governor Palin. Look at his school first black president of Harvard. He was a community organizer for the people not wall street, but you wouldn't know about helping the people, not to mention two years as state senator and two years as junior senator. Noah I have one more question for you; support George Bush?!?!?! For your information I am going to be the democrat beating you in 2032. Can't wait to debate you.

Ryan said...
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oxfordmoron said...

Dear Noah, Alex,Lily, Ryan: and all professing 2032 election candidates. I own
It is for sale to the highest bidder. Bid starts at $10,000.
email moron at (replace at with @)